Why You Need A Dentemax !!!

You made it safe you  know a lot of us self-employed especially we’ve got a lot of questions I don’t have the answers to those regarding dental insurance so Theresa is here today to basically outline especially for self-employed individuals entrepreneurs how does dental insurance work well.

It’s not easy it’s not easy to learn and it’s not easy to look up so I have a couple pieces of information for you if you are looking to purchase a dental plan you want to make sure that what you expect and what you get are very close so basically what to look out for what to look out for you’re not going to get.

Everything you want because what we really want  is for our policy to cover everything a hundred percent and that’s not going to happen so good rule of thumb is you get your two cleanings per   year covered at a hundred percent.

That you’re able to find your doctor in-network that’s very important if you if that is important to you that you go to an in-network dentist to save money you want to make sure you look at the list ahead of time before]

purchase to make sure that your doctor is on that list now you also want to make sure that there aren’t any weight limitations any frequency limitations or any weight periods that’s where we run into trouble oh yeah that where there’s alternatives.

That people can look for because what if they don’t know and they say well I have I don’t have time to look at this list and I’m not sure if I live close enough what other alternatives can someone look for well if you say you have a dentist down the street

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