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insurance that covers full dental

  • insurance that covers full dental disabled people young Dental helps people and constable.
  • yes people  that can’t afford it they don’t have health plan I’m sorry uh insurance coverage and so when you.
  • target those  these programs are targeting those people so why not fund those properly before you can even.
  • come up with something new because they want to come  up with something new this is a hot new thing now.

you know that right dental care

  • is the hot new thing well I can say that insurance that covers full dental we are very very excited that.
  • access to dental care has been at the forefront of all parties election campaigns however again you’ve got.
insurance that covers full dental
insurance that covers full dental
  • a fund what’s there we don’t have to reinvent the  wheel we have over , dental offices in Ontario that want.
  • to treat everyone well and you’ve got one of them dr. biscotti you do you practice in Timmins I do are you.

bluecross blueshield dental

  • on your own er with a group or what no I’m solo practitioner  practitioner yeah the PC leader .
  • Doug Ford was up in your neck of the woods knows and I had opportunity to meet with him would.
  • you tell him I told him while I introduced myself and I said you know there are at the time this was.
  • two weeks  ago I believe so they hadn’t come out with their announcement right they said just yesterday .


right and so maybe in some small way you

  • know we put the bug in his ear for gentle access to dental care to mind you just target with seniors.
  • but you put the bug in his ear  and what What did he say he said no he was very receptive he was very receptive to the idea about having a meeting and talking about this and so again and then he
  • came out yesterday and with his announcement about caring for seniors and we think that’s great
  • okay but but that’s only seniors the others  have got children covered as well do you think the .