what is dentemax dental insurance

I tell me a story dentemax let’s get him with a good story of someone¬† dentemax¬†who needed to use their disability one of your clients and why they were grateful to have had it in place a lot of our clients across the Thomas in California broke his femur skiing two years ago in Canada actual .


When it happened and he had just bought a practice two or three months earlier and .

I think we were like the second call that he made to make sure everything was in order but we felt pretty good telling him that you know his disabilities and paying .

A month tax-free we had , a month coming in to cover the overhead of his office and his loan payment of .

a month was covered separately turned out you know you guys really are like Batman and Robin they’re you know helping Dennis not avert disaster .

That’s that’s a real thing that’s a and one of the things that I kind of remember this for my own times of learning as a resident you know most use of disability insurance it’s not for the rest of their life right like this prosthodontist started working .

At Missouri yeah he’s back now yeah it took him a while to pull his props back up he was back to work in about two months and I think six months later is product I was back the same but he’s like we’re constantly told what we’re doing is wrong what.

We’re doing is bad we become dramatic like Seinfeld’s a funny joke on this great or it stinks so you know I think people are thinking oh well if I get disabled for the rest of my life and you know I can’t work what’s the matter here but.

Most of these time of these times you’re dealing with is it called shorter term disability or temporary disability yeah I think there’s a certain imager that comes to mind if somebody had said you had a disabled patient come in your office today.

There’s probably certain image that would come to mind but for dentistry it’s not special parking spots or wheelchair-bound like permanent big things there just be a temporary thing it’s not