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Pennsylvania dental insurance With dental health

  • Add up to more than 700,000. It can be seen that there is still a lot of room for development in the dental profession in usa.
  • On January 11, 2017, Ping An Group’s digital dental, medical platform “Dental Steward” announced that it has completed a 100 million A round of financing.
  • This round of funding will be used for market expansion, continue to cover small and medium dental clinics, while researching.
  • iterate, upgrade software and hardware products. It can be seen that Chinese insurance companies.


  • have paid attention to the dental insurance market to be developed. With the improvement of living standards.
  • The continuous development of the economy, and the trend of ageing in China, the potential of dental treatment and health care workers.
  • Will further increase, and people’s attention to dental health will also increase. I believe that USA’s dental insurance system will be more and more perfect.

What dental insurance do you use?


If there is no insurance, according to the instructions of the dental chain hospital Kool Smiles, the average adult is about $82, and the child is about $61.

Deep cleaning is a treatment, and the cost is related to the severity, both before and after, usually between $700 and $1,100. Take my own situation as an example. The dentist’s office counts down to nearly $1,100 for deep cleaning, and deductible for $50. Some dentists over $50 are 80% out of their own, 20% are self-employed, and 10% off on their own. Out-of-pocket is about $240.

My dental insurance is MetLife and is part of the health care provided by the employer.

On a weekend night, I went to a friend’s house. Ceci said that Americans value dental health. Their standards are different from those of the Chinese.

The teeth that are good for the Chinese do not work for them. They are not even more likely to have income. Others are tall.”

This conclusion may be related to “correlation” rather than “causation”; it may even be the opposite causal relationship: not because of the white teeth, the income is high, but because the people with high income can maintain A better lifestyle, including the maintenance of teeth, so their teeth are white. Later, I also tried to whiten my teeth. I spent $400, and my teeth were white with six colours. See this article.


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