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  • Dental Insurance Georgia think if a crown cost 432 euro then in the case Dental Insurance Georgia.
  •  I will have to work for several months, here are a few thousand euros.
  • An alternative is treating teeth in the country, but you need to find a good doctor and have time that is generally limited to an employee in Germany.
  • So I decided to end up providing additional insurance for dental treatment in Germany.  simple. Offers on the market are many, but traps in this stream are even more.

Services you need from a German dentist ?

  • The annual teeth whitening, the use of quality and contemporary materials for plumbing, but at the moment with the teeth is normal, then no expensive insurance is required.
  • For 10-15 € a month, you can complete a private medical insurance that will cover such services without problems.
Dental Insurance Georgia
Dental Insurance Georgia
  • But if you are sure that in the near future you will need a crown or an implant then it is necessary to analyze the offers very well.
  • It is best to discuss with the dentist about what amounts will be needed to treat the teeth. The main thing is to understand when insurance .

The first question is very easy to read.

  • Usually in the conditions of insurance it is said directly that the first 8 months to use your insurance services is impossible.
  • Then at the end of the first year covers maximum 1500 €, the second year – 2500 € and so on. It is important to understand that.
  • As a rule, additional dental insurance is not valid immediately, it only covers a pre-established amount for treating the teeth in the.
  • Year and with the amount of time the amount of free treatment increases.
  • This, in fact, is an argument for getting insurance when the teeth are still good, so the monthly payments will be much lower.
  • With the fact that it will reimburse the insurance, receiving the check from the beneficiary with the cost of the treatment, it is more difficult to clarify.
  • Even dental insurance companies operate with the percentage to the difference of the amount.
  • For example, a standard amount is set for a particular procedure, which is partly covered by state health insurance, called Festzuschuss.
  • For a crown, state health insurance reimburses from € 273 to € 355. Those who regularly visit the dentist can cover them by 10-15% more.